The latest trend – DOUGHNUT WALLS!

Are DOUGHNUT WALLS the newest trend for parties and weddings in 2017?

Yes…..the latest trend this year is a giant wall full of DOUGHNUTS!! What more could you want?
The latest craze that is taking weddings and parties by storm, are Doughnut Walls, used as feature backdrops, or for party games. Delicious and beautifully presented desserts are growing as the most popular items for wedding and party dessert tables, and now the craze is to turn doughnuts into backdrop art.

A wall full of doughnuts is not only visually appealing, it’s a yummy dessert option and really adds some WOW factor to an event. Many couples are moving away from formal wedding desserts, to something more fun and interactive for guests.

You can create your own doughnut wall with a simple peg board, and guests can help themselves when it’s time for dessert!

Giant donut walldonut-wall-wedding-cake-alternative-18-57bc39a044e47__700
Image – Moggia Events       Written By – Tickled Pink Party Ideas

2 thoughts on “The latest trend – DOUGHNUT WALLS!

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