12 Fantastic Kids Easter Gift Ideas – featuring our friends at Target

Are you stuck for ideas of what to give the kids this Easter? Do you want to be a little creative and get them something special? 

Here are 10 fantastic and just simply delightful ideas of what you can get the kids this Easter, to help make the day extra special and create lasting memories! And it’s no secret our friends at Target have really come through with the goods this year…

  1. Winter Pyjamas – coming into the cooler weather, it’s a great idea to get the kids a pair of snuggly warm winter PJs. If you need to buy them anyway, why not give them as a gift for Easter instead?
 Image: Target Australia

2. Slippers/Ugg Boots
– warm slippers are another nice winter gift great for the kids. The shops always have lots of great bunny rabbit style slippers and colourful Ugg boots. Why not put a chocolate Easter bunny in the ugg boot, and put at the end of the kids’ bed so they have a wonderful surprise when they wake up!

Ugg Boots-Ugg Boots Australia

 Images: Blue Mountains Ugg BootsTarget Australia

3. Dressing Gown
– what better to pair with a pair of slippers, then a dressing gown! If your child maybe has a favourite TV character, or colour, there are lots of different dressing gown options at major retailers to choose from.

Baby Bunny Dressing Gown

Image: Target Australia

4. Themed Easter bag/bucket
– there are lots of great Easter bags, buckets, and baskets that are perfect for the kids to take out on an Easter egg hunt in the garden! Some fantastic bags out there are personalised with your child’s name too, so it makes it even more exciting for the kids to keep and use each year.

 Images: Bags – Name It Custom Decor

5. Easter Egg Carton
– fill up an empty egg carton with lots of little mini gifts! This is a great idea if you’re on a budget, and don’t want to give the kids too much chocolate. Add in some mini chocolate eggs, a little mini chick or bunny toy, or a hot wheels car for boys, maybe a bunny themed crayon or little add on to get them excited about Easter!

Easter egg carton kids gift-Mini Piccolini Kids Easter gift ideas egg carton

Image: Mini Piccolini

6. Easter Plaster Painting Packs
– why not let the kids spend part of their Easter painting up a storm! These little plaster painting packs are inexpensive, and a great activity to keep the kids busy. Then at the end they get to keep their works of art, and you can write the year they painted them on the back.

Easter pack #3 P1070770.JPG

Images: Plaster Castle & Kids Boutique

7. Easter Crayons
– These Easter themed crayons are a great little inexpensive option to give the kids. Package up in a little bag with a colouring book, and they have an activity they can do over the Easter weekend!

Easter gift crayons-Squiggle and Play Crayons

Image: Squiggle & Play Crayons

8. Carrot Bubble Wands
– another cheap idea is to buy some large orange bubble wands, and add a strip of green crepe paper to the handle end, so it looks just like a carrot! Another fun little activity for the kids to get outside and play with this Easter.

Carrot Bubble Wand-Pinterest

Image: Pinterest Karaspartyideas.com

9. Easter Cupcake Baking Set
– this is a great ‘pre-Easter’ gift idea to do a couple of days before Easter too. Why not try baking some cupcakes or cookies with the kids! You can package up a little baking tray, wooden spoon, cookie cutter, sprinkles and mini Easter eggs for toppings, and have a bit of a baking afternoon! Let them make a mess, and create some yummy works of art!

Easter Baking kit-A spoonful of sugar Chocolate-Cream-Egg-Cupcake-Nick Barker Photography

Images: Spoonful of Sugar / Nick Barker Photography          

10. Easter Hamper
– These hampers are a nice idea for both kids or adults. They can include a little chocolate, but also other things like toys or colouring in books for the kids, or some wine, bath bombs or soaps for adults.


Images: Personalised Party Deco & Gifts

11. Mask & Cape Set
– Superbunnies – perfect! These fantastic Cape & Mask sets from Target are such a cute idea and are so afforable as a gift. And they have made the for girls and boys!

Target Mask & Cape

Image: Target Australia

12. Egg Cups
– Bed Bath and Table this year have a range of cut little themed egg cups for the kids – these are a great little gift they can use every year for their Easter breakfast

Egg cups.png

Image: Bed Bath & Table
Written By – Tickled Pink Party Ideas

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